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One of the most distinctive features of Celtic jewelry, is the intricate designs and patterns of the Celtic knot, which is used widely in numerous intricate Celtic knot jewelry designs.

One of the most recognized artworks in Celtic history; Celtic knots began to appear in history around 450 AD. Although there is no definitive explanation for them, it is thought that each one is connotative of some kind of unification, and that whatever the significance that each symbol’s meaning probably changes between tribes and locations.

Often given to friends and loved ones as a symbol of love and loyalty Celtic rings and Celtic bracelets adorning intricate interconnected Celtic knots are popular Irish gifts. As is the giving and receiving of Celtic wedding bands, as it is believed that the Celtic knots used to decorate these, although they may have many numerous meanings, what they each have in common is that each interwoven knot design are symbolic of two different paths or souls intertwining with each other. For example, the Hearts Celtic ring with intertwining hearts is thought to represent the love, bond and compassion that we share with others.  Whereas an Infinity Celtic ring with a continuous and never-ending pattern is said to be reflective of the eternal circles of life.

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