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Love, Friendship & Loyalty

The Claddagh

Rich in both culture and history, the Irish Claddagh ring's meaning and significance have a colourful ancient past dating back over 300 years. With its roots deeply founded within Irish traditions, the design of the claddagh ring may have been subject to variations over the years, however, its meaning, significance and the fashion in which it is worn have been retained.

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What Is the Meaning of the Claddagh?

The meaning of the Claddagh ring is signified in its design of three main components; the hands, heart and crown. The hands of the ring, which hold the heart, denote friendship and togetherness, whereas the heart signifies love and the crown atop the heart stands for loyalty.

Simply put, the significance of Claddagh ring is to "Let Love and Friendship Reign Forever". Due to this eternal meaning, Claddagh Wedding Bands have become increasing popular in recent years. Irish claddagh rings are an ideal choice for wedding rings, engagement rings and for other special occasion and anniversary jewelry as they symbolise the eternal love you hold for your loved one. 

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