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Woven from 100% recycled wool, this throw set has been re-spun to create a traditional check throw in an assortment of colors. An environmentally friendly product ideal for sofas, beds and outdoor picnics!

  • 100% recycled wool
  • 47"W x 59"L
  • Please note: these come in an assortment of colors

Dry clean only

My beautiful wool blankets have arrived today. I am so happy with the colours and especially the quality. I left a short note asking to pick shades on the darker neutral palate and the company delivered. I don’t understand why people would point out how itchy the blankets are. These are wool blankets. For centuries wool blanks have been known to itch. Lambs wool is a lot softer! I will certainly be purchasing more of these beautiful wool blankets for presents.


Arrived today. They’re gorgeous beyond expectations! One is earth colors with some periwinkle blue woven in, a slightly feminine touch. The other is all warm browns with darker browns, a real earth toned rug. They’re extremely lightweight but have a superior tight weave. Just a touch of fringe on the ends. The perfect size to drape on your comfy chair or sofa. I put the one with periwinkle on my bed as a topper and will sleep under it tonight along with my blue herringbone blanket purchased earlier this year. I love wool for the clean warmth it provides. My body stays at the perfect temperature for sleeping or, relaxing to a video. I love the fact that recycled wool is used, giving new life to this gift from our sheep friends. How the weavers managed to create such gorgeous color combinations is beyond me, especially in a plaid pattern as these are. This also lets others try the benefits of wool at a price most people can afford, especially for TWO blanket/throws. Kudos to Blarney! Buy these before they’re gone, you won’t be disappointed.

Michelle Daniels

TWO STAR REVIEW, NOT FIVE. While the weight and warmth of these is fine, the colors as received were WAY OFF the representation in the pictures. While I know it is the luck of the draw, whereas the pix show light and bright colors, we received extremely dark and drab colors. Yuck. And for some reason I couldn't subtract starts from the template, so this item receives only TWO STARS from me.


Prompt delivery and careful packaging. Beautiful rugs, perfect for keeping out chilly temperatures. Colors are compatible with most furnishings. Very happy with my purchase.

Marie N

Love my 4 throws! Put one in the car in case we ever get stuck in the cold. Sacrificed one for the cats by putting it in the washer on cold, shaking and line drying, yes they shrink a bit but are pure smelling...cats are obsessed and now sleep together. The others are gifts. Thanks you for the wonderful throws!!

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