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The Trinity Knot

The Triquetra or Trinity Knot is one of the most common of the Celtic Knots. Derived from Latin, triquerta translates to "three legged". It is known to many as a Celtic Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle. Its origins have been long argued amongst scholars however it is agreed upon that the popularity of the Triquetra grew hugely in Ireland following the arrival of the Celts.

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What Does the Celtic Trinity Knot/Triquetra Mean?

Although there are many theories as to the definition of this popular design, each one mentions the significance of the three intersecting loops, which, depending on your beliefs, can be interpreted in a number of ways such as Father-Son-Holy Spirit, Mother-Crone-Maiden or mind-body-spirit. As with the Claddagh, the number 3 represented in the Trinity Knot holds a special connotation within Celtic symbology. 

Sometimes featuring a circle surrounding the three intersecting arc, this circle is said to symbolize spiritual unity. As a circle has no beginning and no end it signifies the eternity of faith. 

The Trinity Knot in Jewelry

Popular in the design of Celtic jewelry, the Triquetra adorns many pieces of Celtic jewelry such as Celtic pendants and Celtic earrings, which are popular Irish gifts and souvenirs. This popularity could be linked to modern representations of the Triquetra, such as its use in America TV programme Charmed upon the cover of the “Book of Shadows”, its use within the design of the Led Zeppelin Album – Led Zeppelin IV or perhaps its representation in the fashion label Lionheart Apparel Clothing. At Blarney Woollen Mills we love to combine tradition with contemporary twists. This is why we aim to provide our customers with both the traditional trinity knot and also the most contemporary Trinity Knot jewelry. Shop our full range of Trinity Knot jewelry

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